You will need
  • - plenty of water
  • - wash and eliminate odors
Start to clean the burnt surface with warm water using soap and water and use of detergents. Remember that catching fire resin often penetrate deep into hard surfaces, so if you'd be able to clean the apartment, for weathering the smell will need more time. If you live in a wooden house, then get rid of the smell of burning will be difficult. If your furniture is made of chipboard, the probability that the odor has gone deep into the material, high. To launder apartments from soot use these proven tools: FAE, Dorgan and others.
Change the Wallpaper as possible and the floor (linoleum, laminate and parquet flooring can be significantly damaged. If the ceiling in the room of the suspended or drywall, then change it too. Remove the plaster and prepare the ceiling for future work.
Produce upholstered furniture and carpets. Peristerite all of the interior items: curtains, bedspreads, blankets, etc. If possible, replace the furniture, take the affected piece of furniture to the country and buy a new one.
If you don't want to deal with their own washing apartment, contact a specialized cleaning company. This service is in such firms are often very popular, but not among the cheapest. In the Arsenal of cleaning companies there are many means to neutralize the smell of smoke after a fire. Professional wet cleaning of walls, floors and ceilings using specialized cleaning products will give visible results.
Use after cleaning the apartment ozonators, humidifiers and ionizers. They are, though slightly, but still worthy to take part in the removal of burnt smell. Do not forget about the ventilation of the room. If you wash the apartment after the fire and bring the smell of burning completely failed, then you seriously have to think about the complete repair of the apartment.