You will need
  • - vinegar;
  • - ammonia;
  • - starch;
  • - towels, water;
  • dry citrus peel;
  • - oil burner and aromatic oils.
First, ventilate the apartment. Certainly open the hot water in the shower, open the door to the bathroom – let the room in which the smell of smoke, filled water vapor. A variant of this procedure: put on the stove pan with water, add the herbs and boil until the room is filled with steam. From time to time wipe the condensed water from all surfaces in the room. Find old towels, wet them and hang where possible. The water is perfectly adsorbs the smell of Gary.
Have a smell Gary has unpleasant feature – it pervades everything. Therefore, immediately after the removal of the smoke (ventilation) wash everything in the room where something was burned. Peristerite towels, wash with a weak solution of vinegar Wallpaper and flooring.
After conducted General cleaning - undertake measures to neutralize any remaining odor. Take starch and sprinkle it on the papers small slides. On each slide put a little bit of ammonia – enough two-three drops. Lay the paper with the starch and ammonia wherever possible. Instead of ammonia and starch, you can take activated charcoal – it absorbs odors well. Neutralize unpleasant "aroma" will help salt. Sprinkle salt in a few saucers and place them in the room, smelling of burning. Salt will gradually absorb the odors.
The smell of Gary will not disappear immediately because it will have to contend for some time. In the struggle your oil burner with fragrant aromatic oils and other media. For example, the dry peel of lemons, oranges or other citrus, which will need from time to time to burn in the room filled with the smell of Gary. This procedure cleans the air.