You will need
  • - salt water
  • - freshly ground coffee
  • - ammonia, or vinegar
To remove the smell of Gary in the apartment, first open all the Windows. As soon as possible to get rid of visible smoke because it is harmful to the human lungs, especially if its a lot. This measure will eliminate the bulk of the smelland Garyto it as little as possible is absorbed within the apartment items and finish. To ventilate the apartment as often as possible. Do not use air fresheners – the blend of the smellof air freshener s and Gary will be even more unpleasant.
Turn on the ionizer. Negatively charged air ions emitted by this device, drawn on himself the unpleasant smell and eliminate it.
Arrange the room capacity with salt water. This method has long been used for heavily corrosive smellov.
Hang around the apartment more damp sheets: moisture will take care of the smell of Gary. The sheets after drying, throw away, use them is not worth it. This procedure should be repeated 2-3 times, depending on the extent of the incident of fire or smoke.
Freshly ground coffee will help you remove the smell of Gary in the apartment: place a saucer with coffee in the room, he takes in itself great smellI. in addition, cook coffee in the Turk, and its fragrance will spread around the apartment, muting the smell of Gary.
Carefully wash the place where was a fire burning, water with ammonia or vinegar. With this solution you eliminate the soot formed in the combustion or burning, and in the vinegar and ammonia substances will block the smell of Gary.
Swipe wet cleaning of the entire apartment. Need to wash all the furniture, carpets, floors, walls, if they are washable. The rags that you all wipe, after cleaning throw. Wash the curtains and all the clothes, especially one that hasn't been cleaned in wardrobes.
Bake a pie with cinnamon, its smell will drown out the smell of Gary.