Assign a day that you will come with the girl to her parents. The suit or petition the bride's hands should not be spontaneous. The family will have time to prepare a festive table, and you have to do all the necessary shopping.
Don't come to marriage with empty hands. Traditionally, the groom brings the future mother-in-law a bouquet of flowers, and future father - dear spirits, fit brandy or whiskey. The engagement ring is also better to buy in advance and take with you.
When everyone sits down at the table, stand up and ask a words. Please refer to your girlfriend's parents by their names-patronymics. Say you love their daughter and ask for her hand. If the answer is positive, remove the ring and put on the bride's finger.
If the bride's parents still don't really know you well, be prepared to answer a lot of questions. For example, where you will live after the wedding, who are your parents, how are you going to support a wife and think about the children.