If your parents know practically nothing about the guy, even before the official meeting, tell them about each other. Mother and father – about how good it is and how you love the guy – about his parents, what they like and what should be avoided. This story will mentally prepare both sides to get acquainted. In addition, if they learn more about each other, then quickly find themes for communication. If necessary, advise guy like him to dress better, to make a good impression, what kind of flowers to give to mom, and brandy – father.
Matchmaking is usually done at home, the parents of the girls, but if you want you can just have lunch or dinner in a good restaurant. From where the meeting will be held depends on the shape of your clothes. On meeting the family you will approach a fuzzy suit and a restaurant are supposed to wear elegant suit-deuce. In any case, please refrain as too simple, casual outfits and ceremonial, not like your usual clothes. In the first case, you can seem unenviable party, the second will feel at ease.
Having met with your fiancée and her parents, hand them brought gifts (women - flowers, champagne or chocolates, a man – a good cognac). She should introduce you to parents, and parents – you.
Start a conversation with some neutral topics, but do not tighten. Put the conversation on the topic of love and the purpose of your coming. Not to worry and not to lose the decisive moment, try to think of and rehearse your speech in advance. Tell us about your feelings for the girl and how you treat your wife, what do you think to support a family, etc. Try to speak calmly and reasonably. Remember that before you – the most expensive for your girl who wish her happiness.
In the rite of courtship can also involve your parents, godparents, any family or friends. In this case, about their feelings and intentions you say you are, and your "support group" should try to introduce you to the girl's parents in the most attractive form.
If the girl's parents don't have anything against the available candidates and this marriage, the father usually puts his daughter's right hand in the hand of the future son-in-law. After this give the parents a small gift as a sign of respect, and his bride a ring that she will wear to the wedding finger of the left hand. At this point in many families something to give to your future family and the girl's parents.
After observance of these formalities, both parties are usually sit down at the table. During a leisurely meal in a relaxed atmosphere, we discuss the most important issues of the future wedding. For example, the venue of the celebration, what is expected number of guests, the menu, the motorcade, the shooting, as will be distributed to financial expenditure, where the newlyweds will live, etc.
In that case, if the parents of the groom at the wedding are not present, the girl should also be visited. The groom presents it to his parents, she gives a bouquet of flowers to his future mother-in-law. If the parents live far away, and you have no way for them to go, be sure to send them your pictures and ask for permission to marry.