You will need
  • Software Microsoft Office Word 2007.
The seal of the envelope suggests that operating system is already installed text editor MS Word 2007 template and the envelope was pre-opened. The same can be done in MS Word 2010. After starting the program, click the Microsoft Office button (the round button with the Microsoft logo), click "Word Options", then go to the Advanced tab.
Scroll to the settings "General" in the field "Mail address" type the reverse address. After closing this window (click OK) this address will remain forever in Word that will allow the next calls to this section not to make again your return address.
You are now ready to print envelopes, don't forget to check the printer settings. If the pattern envelope you once were not created, try to load it themselves. Navigate to the "Mail" tab, then proceed to the "Create" and select "Envelopes".
Click "Options", then go to the Settings tab of the envelope". Select the envelope size in the same list. If among these options is suitable, you can choose your individual size: click Custom size and enter your dimensions of the sides of the envelope in the fields "Width" and "Height".
You then open the tab "print Settings". This tab will display the options of placing the envelope in the printer tray. You must specify all three options of printing:
- to select any position of the envelope (left side, right side, top, or bottom tray);
- to determine front or back side will be placed the envelope in the tray;
- the need to turn the envelope to the other side when printing.
It is desirable to set the envelope in the right position, addressof om and down by 180°. Click "OK". To test print after changing the print settings enter any text in the field "recipient Address" and click "Print". If everything went correctly on the seal, therefore, you can save this file as a sample of the envelope and proceed to mass printing.