Advice 1: How to sign envelopes abroad

The era of paper letters of the past. An increasing number of people are using for correspondence e-mail. This is due to the quick shipping and the convenience of sending virtual correspondence. There are times when you want to send over the border of the original documents. Then you have to use the postal service.
How to sign envelopes abroad
It is immediately noted that the sending of the envelopes from Russia in other countries there is a significant difference from sending letters by the home country. The difference is in the writing of the data of the addressee.
To sign the letter you want to send from Russia abroad, you need the following:
1. name;
2. house number, apartment, street name;
3. the city index;
4. country.
All the data of the addressee should be written in English only.
For example:
1. Mr. Jacob Abramson;
2. 14, Coventry Street;
3. London WS103NC;
4. UK;
The address of the sender should be written in the same form and also in English.
If you need to send mail from abroad to Russia, the recipient address, you can write in Russian. The fact that most of the way your letter will be to deliver domestic mail service. Only on the envelope in large letters, be sure to write RUSSIA. The address of the sender in any case must be written in English.
Remember also that if your envelope is heavier than standard mail, in addition to the standard fee for sending over the border you will need to pay the difference. This can be done immediately in the mail.
In most post offices you will find a box to send international mail. Better to leave the envelope there, the letter quickly reach the destination. But even if you threw the letter in an ordinary box, nothing wrong with that. It will still find its recipient. Just to go a little longer because of the time spent on sorting.
Urgent correspondence can be sent by airmail. This service is more expensive than the standard send, but your letter will reach the recipient within a day.
Useful advice
1. Write the recipient's address and the sender address using capitals.
2. Be sure to specify the index.
3. Affix to the envelope a desired number of stamps, appropriate postal rate.

Advice 2: How to sign an email

To rid yourself of the need for continuous registration of the signature of electronic letters, you can customize this option in the mailbox. You will need to write a letter to the recipient and send it, and the signature will be added automatically.
How to sign an email
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - e-mail Inbox.
The layout of the caption in the e-mail service Yandex ( Log in to email account using the username and password. Next, you need to go to the settings section (link to section will be located at the top right of the window).On the next page click the link "Information about the sender". Here you can specify the desired signature in the appropriate form. The signature location can be selected before the letters, and at the end. After that click "Save changes".
The layout of the caption in the email Mail ( Open the front page of the mail service and log into it. In the horizontal menu (on page of incoming messages), click on the "More" button and select "Settings".Click on "letter Wizard". This link you will see in the left part of the opened page. In the master of letters you can place your caption, and to set many other parameters, for example, to set the answering machine.
Confirm password and save.
The layout of the caption in the e-mail service Gmail ( As in the previous cases, you need to log in to your mail account, using the username and password. Next, you need to click on the link "Settings" (top right corner).To edit signature, scroll down the page until you see the field for caption. Save the changes and exit section.
In other email settings are made similarly.
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