You will need
  • Tools, aluminum chassis, wheels of the wheelchair, wood and plastic, adhesive-paint.
Start with making sketch. It is best to develop together with your child. This will allow you to understand what kind of car want your child. Sketch the figure. Treat it with care, as it is this figure you have to make a detailed drawing of the future car. Try to help the child to use imagination. The picture might not be exactly perfect and precise, it should reflect the main features of future vehicles.
On chart paper make a detailed drawing. From its accuracy will depend on the success of your crafts. Remember, the less errors will be made in the drawing, the less will be the spoiled material. In the drawing reflect all the details of the design of your future cars. When you run the drawing don't forget to calculate the drawing. Note the child's weight, which made the little car. One of the key aspects of manufacture - the choice of material. Here the choice is very wide. Most modern children's cars made of iron, but these cars are very traumatic. It is best to choose wood and plastic. These materials are very easily handled. Wood can do basic construction, and all external plastic parts. Aluminum can be done, for example, the chassis of the car.
Fabricate all the necessary parts according to the drawing. Apply it thoroughly on the blank layout. After the fabrication of parts produce a first fitting. Everything has to fit perfectly to each other. If you find inconsistencies, they should be thoroughly removed. Then assemble the machine. During Assembly use screws and glue. It is best to use a glue moment. Put the car aside and let it dry.
The choice of wheels is also an important step. If the machine is to be used only at home, it is possible to make wheels out of wood. If the child will ride a little car down the street, then install the wheels with rubber tyres, for example, from stroller. Install the chassis and the wheels on the machine and check the functionality of the product. You made the model. on which the child will roll, starting with the feet off the ground. You can upgrade the machine by installing a pedal mechanism of a Bicycle. It remains only to decorate the product and to give it to your child.