Advice 1: How to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment

A "neighborhood" with cockroaches hardly anyone will appreciate – they can be carriers of dangerous human infections. Trying to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment, the owners use a variety of methods and, usually, some of them are effective.
How to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment
You will need
  • - potatoes
  • - eggs
  • - boric acid
  • - ammonia
  • powder pyrethrum
Do a thorough cleaning. Wash all shelves, drawers and cabinets, wipe all surfaces dry. Remove all food, napkins and kitchen towels in thick plastic bags. Close all openings (cracks in walls, seams, ventilation holes).
Spread the floors with special tools. Start with the most common methods of struggle, crayons, aerosols and gels. Crayons treat all baseboards, cracks and joints in walls – do the procedure once a week. Gel apply on floors along baseboards drops at regular intervals (according to the instructions). Aerosol spray baseboards, cracks, joints – all the places where they can accumulate roaches.
Arrange special houses and traps. The principle of operation of the traps inside the boxes is the poison that cockroaches carry and transmit to other individuals. Inside the house is a lure for cockroaches – cockroaches crawl for a treat and stick. Such designs are good because they can be attached to any area of the apartment, and they are absolutely safe for humans and Pets.
Try home remedies. You can try to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment with the help of home recipes. Prepare mashed potatoes, mix it with boiled eggs and boric acid. Roll from the mass of the balls and place them around the apartment.
You can simply sprinkle boric acid powder in the apartment – treat places near sources of water, skirting boards and joints. Wash the floors with water with addition of ammonia – the smell cockroaches do not like.
Fresh powder pyrethrum spray with a rubber pear into the pockets of the cockroaches. Mix the powder of borax and flour (or powdered sugar) and spray on the baseboards and crevices. You can use the mixture as a bait – pour a thin layer on a small plate and arrange the apartment.

Advice 2 : Where in the apartment take big black cockroaches

Cockroaches do not cause the sympathy of the greater part of humanity. Combating arthropods in houses and apartments is relentless, but the attempt to get rid of these unwelcome visitors do not always lead to a stable result. At the slightest attempt to relax and stop to set traps, lay poison or to apply other methods of hostilities swarms of insects back, causing the owners of rage and disgust.
Black beetle
Black cockroaches, which is also called Eastern, despite the beautiful glossy shell dark shades, resembling the surface of an expensive car, cause no less the dislike of the population than red counterparts. In Europe, they appeared about three centuries ago, once on our continent with the African and Australian continent. Already in the XVII century there are references about the species of cockroaches in the Netherlands and later in England. The average size of a male 3 and female is about 2 cm, individual specimens can reach a length of 5 cm, combined with the capability of extremely fast movement, it makes their appearance on the eye is not the most pleasant sight.

Habitat black cockroaches

Despite the fact that, in the opinion of mankind, cockroaches do not have the ability to think, these forward-looking insects are always satisfied with their existence comfortably. They settle in the vicinity of the housing to have permanent access to remains of food or what is necessary for their subsistence in the absence of your favorite bread crumbs and vegetables. Their food menu may include paper, wood, fabric, and even exotic dishes such as soap or Shoe cream.

Where are the black cockroaches

The main ways in which these annoying parasites penetrate the housing, it cracks in the walls, garbage disposal and ventilation. In that case, if the neighbors set out to get rid of cockroaches and decided to ease off, smart insects immediately change their place of residence. If next door there is a room with a comfortable temperature and the availability of food and water, his owners have to deal with new tenants who have no one to ask consent to move. The presence surrounded by cafes, canteens and other institutions that produce a large amount of food waste, increases the risk of black, and not just cockroaches repeatedly.

To bring to the apartment of a cockroach is completely by chance and from anywhere. Due to the small size, they are hiding in the store shopping and all things brought into the house. Can come from another city to the parcel or to climb in a suitcase while traveling. Given that only one black female cockroach is able to increase the population of individuals to a few dozen in a short period, you can imagine the speed with which the reproduction when the offspring grows up.
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