Borax in glycerol is effective in the fight against yeast infection. The drug prevents the growth of Candida (cause of disease) and their attachment to the mucosa. Before using sodium tetraborate spend douching decoction of chamomile. Moisten a cotton pad in the product and enter it into the vagina for half an hour. In mild cases, only one procedure a day (preferably before bed) for chronic thrush treatment should be done twice a day. In order to prevent relapse, continue therapy for weeks, even if symptoms disappear after a few days.
For the treatment of tonsillitis 4-6 times a day treat tonsil borax in glycerine. Carry out the procedure at least a week. To enhance the effect, 3-4 times a day rinse your mouth with salt solution and sodium tetraborate (per Cup of water teaspoon of salt and a few drops of the drug).
Treat bed sores with a solution of borax in glycerin. It has an antiseptic effect and prevents the spread of infection and speeds healing. Similarly lubricate the rash in the groin in bedridden patients.
For a long time the borax solution in glycerol was administered for the treatment of thrush in infants, but later the drug was banned for use in pediatric patients. The reason for that is its toxicity. To avoid complications, do not use sodium tetraborate for the treatment of the oral cavity in children.
If you experience a burning sensation at the application of borax in glycerin, wash the drug in running water. If you experience anemia, disorders of the menstrual cycle, twitching of muscles of limbs and face, diarrhea immediately stop using the drug and consult a doctor.