You will need
  • You will need: water, salt, sulphuric acid concentrated. Equipment: two glass containers with lids, tube, or hose, a pot, a heating element (the plate), hydrometer.
Take the lid from the first container and make a hole in it, insert it in the tube, it should fit snugly in this hole. The lid from the second tank too, hole, but this time the tube should enter into it freely, the necessary clearance. In a pan type normal water from the tap, she will play the role of a water bath. Pour into the second tank of distilled water (the smaller the quicker we get the acid concentration and reduce the ingredients) and cover with a lid.
Put a pot of water on the stove wait until the water becomes warm, then in the first vessel add salt and pour sulphuric acid in equal amounts. Start reaction with release of hydrogen chloride, immediately tightly close the container lid which is tightly inserted tube and place it in a water bath. The other end of the tube is placed in the hole of the lid of the second receptacle, so that it does not touch the surface of the water. The process has begun.
In the interaction of salt with sulfuric acid, a reaction takes place with evolution of gas of "hydrogen chloride" which enters the tube from the first container (reactor) to the second container of water. Further, the gas dissolves in water and forms hydrochloric acid. In the same volume of water can dissolve about five hundred volumes of hydrogen chloride. This gas is heavier than air and that leaving the tube falls down saturating and increasing the concentration of hydrochloric acid. A hydrometer tests the density of the solution.