You will need
  • - polyester resin;
  • - epoxy adhesive.
Before you start to glue the bumper on the VAZ, determine what material it is made, as this will depend on the technology of its repair. To do this, look at the markings on the inner surface of the bumper.
Then disconnected from the car bumper, good clean and inspect it for cracks or breakouts. Small crack, not sealed in time in the future can bring a lot of trouble, so take note of any damage. If your bumper is a polypropylene, then solder a small crack with a soldering iron, and if the material of the bumper is polyurethane, then soldering will be unacceptable.
The bumper is made of polyurethane glue using epoxy adhesive. This polymer clay will allow you to resolve various damages, while saving you money. Before gluing in place of damage to align all the bumps, heating the bumper from the inside. Then well move to each other adjacent the sides of the bumper, making them a sweep.
Stripped, degrease parts in a special solvent. Then epoxy adhesive in a certain ratio mix with polyester resin and start to put it on the inner side of the bumper. Once the glue take the tape, flip the bumper and engage the outer bonding. Fully cured adhesive can be cleaned, but in this case, the stripped surface must be painted as damaged film easily transmit moisture, and this is a very negative impact on the structure of the adhesive.
After the bumper will be restored, make it a complete face lift to the glued cracks were less noticeable as possible.