You will need
  • -rubber hammer (mallet);
  • -a wooden block (width 10 cm, length 15-20 cm);
  • -clean rags (old clothes, better than cotton);
  • -normal hammer.
Dents on the car in the process arise with enviable regularity. And they are classified in different ways. For example, there are subtle, formed in the process away from falling of small stones on the car body. And there are large and deep dents, who gets the car in case of accidents. But those and other easy to fight.
Before fixing dents on their own inspect the vehicle. Found a dent? Great. Take pre-prepared instruments and on the inner side of the body using a rubber mallet, very light taps you need to straighten the sheathing.
How to clean <strong>indentation</strong> <b>car</b> the most
If it is not, then you need the bar to wrap in a cloth, applied to a crumpled place and then gently tapping, continue to straighten the hole. Gradually, the dent should disappear.
There is a category of dents that completely delete will not work. They arise if the car has received mechanical damage to some acute angle, such as angle of the Board. To resolve such a denthandy wooden block of a size sufficient to straighten the deepening of the to the highest smooth condition. But still a trace of it will remain visible. In order to fully correct the violation of the skin, you need to walk around the renovated section of the fine sandpaper, then putty it up and paint it. Then the dents will be gone.
How to clean <strong>indentation</strong> <b>car</b> the most