You will need
  • - Passport;
  • - savings book;
  • - computer or Communicator:
  • - an Internet connection.
Go during working hours in an office of the savings Bank of Russia. Take the passbook of the account from which you want to remove money, and your passport.
Pass the passport and passbook to the controller (operator) of the Bank to check the balance on your account. Tell the controller how much you want to.
Get printed by the controller of money order and verify the information. If that's right – sign your name. Be careful – the signature must match the sample you were provided at account opening.
Receive from the controller of her passport and a ticket or oral instruction, any cash you come for the money.
Wait for your number on the Bulletin Board above the cashier window (or just your turn) and tell the cashier the number. If you require – give also the passport.
Get the money and count it. Take your passport and bankbook.
Please note that if you have a constant access to the Internet, the conclusion of a Universal agreement for banking servicing (UDBO) eliminates the time-consuming and often useless standing in queues Bank and will allow you to withdraw money from the savings account even after hours.
Come with your passport to the office of the savings Bank and let the controller (operator) that you want to make UDBO. If you do not have a debit card of Sberbank, you will receive a free card Maestro Momentum. If you wish, you can then replace it with a personalized card systems like Visa or Master.
Wait for card activation – this may take a couple of days, depending on your branch. Receive from the tellers of the Bank reference sheet with payment details for your card.
Insert the card into the ATM and enter your PIN. Select ATM menu "Internet services" and order your permanent password to log in to the system "Sberbank Onl@yn". Password and your user ID will be printed on the check, which will issue ATM. Then will come another check with a temporary password. Keep both of these check out of reach of other people.
Go from the computer (or PDA) to the page of the service "Sberbank Online". Fill your user ID and password (you can enter one time passwords). Click on the "Next"button.
Read in your personal profile with information about the balances on all your accounts, including – on the BEACbook. If you want to move money from the savings account to the card, clicking on "account".
Click on the page that the link "your account". Select in the section "cancellation" marker in front of his passbook account, and under "Account enrollment", select your card. Enter the transfer amount and click "Next".
Wait until the funds are credited to the card account, usually transfer occurs in a few minutes. Remove money from the card at the nearest ATM. To reflect the financial transactions in their savingsbookduring working hours to give to the controller (operator) of his branch of the savings Bank.