You will need
  • - passport;
  • money.
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - account number and Bank details.
The classic way to replenish the Bank accountand Deposit money through the cashier. In this case, with a passport you come to the office, present a passport and teller talking about his desire to replenish the account. If you have several, choose the one to receive the money. In the presence of attached to the accountfrom the Bank card or passbook, and such a document we need to make them.
Some banks will need to write a statement on the proposed form and give it to the teller or to the cashier along with your passport and money.
Depending on the policy of the Bank to Deposit money at a branch where you opened the accountor any in alone in the region, in the other across the country. Generally, you can recharge the account can only be one on whose name it is opened. But in some - anyone who knows the number of the accountand or card.
The expense of a plastic card can be topped up at ATM the same organization, where it is released, if it has a function in cash (cash deposits).
To do this, insert the card into the ATM, enter the PIN code, select menu option "cash" (or another similar meaning).Depending on the type of cash machine insert money into the bill acceptor or put in an envelope, it is intended to receive the money hole.
In the first case, the funds usually come at the expense of instantly, the second within 3 banking days.
To transfer money from another Bank, please contact his office. Tell the teller about your intention to transfer money to the account in other credit organization, to present the passport and the presence of other documents related to your accountom, for example, a passbook, or a Bank card.
Let transfer details: the number of the accountand the name and patronymic of the recipient of the payment, its amount and purpose, and the identifiers of the Bank (BIC usually sufficient, but may be required and the rest).
Room accountand can be kept in your savings account and such document. Other details you can obtain at a Bank branch or on its website.
You might also need your tax ID (certificate on his assigning is not necessary, rather the room itself).
When an Internet client you can translate it. In this case you login to the system and enter all the required data in its interface.
It is better to copy them from an electronic source to avoid errors.
To complete the transaction, the Bank may require additional identifier: one-time or permanent password or a variable code.
You can also make a transfer from another Bank without opening an accountand in it. To do this contact the operator with your passport and transfer details (may be required to complete a statement or receipt), make money, handing it to him or the cashier.
Take the receipt confirming the acceptance of cash and wait receipt of funds to account.