In order to open an account, an individual should contact the Bank with your passport and INN. In some banks the original last is not required, it is enough to call the number if you it has. In addition, to open an account you need a certain amount of money.
Next you need to explain to the operator, the purposes for which an invoice is required. For the implementation of the income and expense transactions, you will open a current account or a Deposit "on demand". They allow unlimited use account at any time to make contributions and to withdraw money.
After you have selected the required account, the Bank representative will prepare a contract stating the terms of service. In this case read it carefully, check the correctness of your personal data, and only then sign. It is necessary that the signature match the signature in the passport. In addition, for all subsequent debit transactions it will compare to your established pattern.
To open the personal Bank account of an individual entrepreneur, you need to submit the following documents: the passport, the certificate on registration as the individual businessman and about statement on the tax account. In addition, you must write an application, fill in the card with specimens of signature and seal, to assure it at the notary or the representative of the Bank, as well as to provide patents or licenses, if required by the activities. The above documents, the Bank checks within 1-5 days and opens an account.
To open a personal account legal entity it is necessary to collect more documents than the entrepreneur. In addition to the certificates of state registration and tax registration, the enterprise should submit a copy of the Charter, articles of incorporation, documents of appointment to the post of head, chief accountant, copies of their passports. In addition, you should get a card with samples of signatures and an impress of a seal, and an extract from the register of legal entities.