You will need
  • - passport;
  • - agreement on opening of a savings account.
If you find that your passbook is lost, immediately take action for its restoration. Use the phone or contact the nearest structural unit of the Bank.
When contacting the Bank by telephone call your surname, first name and patronymic and the data of the savings account, which is tied to a savings book. At the same address is required at the subdivision of the Bank, which opened a savings account. The phone number of this unit will tell you if you call the hotline of the Bank.
Written notice of loss of passbook, fill in the Bank branch in a special form, putting the statement with all necessary information, including personal data and passport data. Specify the circumstances under which you lost the passbook. Completed application form together with a passport tell the specialist banking institutions.
If you have a contract of Bank Deposit, also apply it to the statement about the loss of books. It is advisable to make a copy of that contract or at least to rewrite the details of the account and contract data in a notebook in case of loss of the document or record. Recovery books need to know the account number, type of Deposit and the name of the village, where he opened the account.
Wait until you receive the new document. After verification of the information and consideration of the statements of the employees of the Bank will replace lost passbook on the new personal document. If you wish, you can also attach to his savings account credit card. During the initial account opening is done usually by default.
If restoring a passbook you find the missing document, be sure to inform the structural division of the Bank and bring back an old book.