Principal artificial mixtures

About the benefits of breast milk known to all. But in some situations, you may need artificial feeding. In this case, it is important to choose the right mix for the baby. It must contain those components that are lacking in the body of the child.

All the artificial mixtures can be divided into adapted and non-adapted. The first is usually as close to the composition of breast milk. By the way, babies under 6 months should only be given viscoadaptive mixture. They are usually made on the basis of cow's milk or soy. In turn, they are divided into ready and dry (the ones that need to breed).

If you are allergic to cow's milk protein

Very often young parents have to look for special therapeutic mixture to compensate for the lack of substance in the body of the child. If the baby is allergic to cow's milk protein, it may be preventive of a mixture based on goat milk and adapted milk formulas. However, the latter can be replaced only half of the daily allowance of food.
In case of allergic reactions to cow's milk, children are given a mixture on the basis of the hydrolysate of milk cows and preventative formulas based on soy protein.

For the treatment of dysbiosis

To cure goiter, the baby should be given special treatment mixture based on dairy products. Also suitable mixture, which contains an artificial protein and beneficial gut microflora.

Intolerance to grain protein

There is such a disease as celiac disease. Its main danger lies in the fact that the protein of wheat and other cereals effect on the intestinal poison. Only Humana SL can be used as an artificial mixture with this disease.

Frequent regurgitation

For often srygivaniya children is best suited fresh or antireflux mixture. They generally contain nutrients that greatly increase the viscosity of the stomach contents. If your baby has diarrhea, it is better to purchase a mixture with starch. These include "Nutrilon, Omneo". For children suffering from constipation, perfect blend called Nutrilon anti reflux.

Intolerance to galactose

Mixtures based on soy should be given to children who have intolerance to milk sugar breast milk (lactose). Normally lactose is replaced with corn syrup or sucrose. These carbs are easily digested by infants and are normally digested.