The healthy baby to pick up the milk mixture is quite simple, but some children have allergies, impaired digestive function, can not tolerate certain foods. Especially for these kids created a therapeutic mixture for feeding. They greatly simplify the lives of parents and are completely safe for the baby.

How to choose a therapeutic mixture

First is to consult the pediatrician who correctly identify the presence of the disease. After tests and a competent doctor can easily advise a proper mixture.

If the kid has an obvious problem with digestion, you should also choose a mixture with a probiotic. She's a great help with colic in the tummy, constipation or diarrhea. Probiotics contained in the food will strengthen the baby's immunity, heals the body. Regular intake of a mixture of probiotic digestion normalizes, the disorders disappear. Often pediatricians recommend probiotics in children with allergic reactions. The mixture is perfectly absorbed by the body without irritating it. At the pharmacy you can easily buy a mixture of Nan with probiotics made in Switzerland. It is most popular among the medicinal compounds.

Some children have congenital lactose intolerance. This often becomes a problem for mothers because they don't know what to feed the kids. Fortunately, in pharmacies for a long time have mixture in which there is no lactose. An example is "nutrilak low-lactose", produced by mix in Russia. A proven mixture of Nan lactose free", which often opt pediatricians and parents.

How to use therapeutic milk formulas

First, the mixture must correspond to the age of the baby. Moms can easily navigate the marking on the box with the food.

Therapeutic mixture can be used in mixed feeding, that is, in combination with mother's milk. But for the artificial feeding they are perfect. Most importantly, observe the instructions in the dosages. After positive effect of the therapeutic mixture, you can gradually transfer the child to the adapted good.

When choosing a therapeutic mixture it is better to trust the opinion of a specialist. You should not choose a more budget options, the benefits they just do not bring. If the baby responds well to the selected mixture, to experiment and to change it is not worth it.