Mixture for feeding babies can be dry, liquid, fresh and sour milk. In most for the therapeutic effect of added carbohydrates, vegetable fats, vitamins, whey proteins and minerals. Before choosing a mixture it is advisable to consult a pediatrician.
The fact that the choice of a concrete mix affects a number of factors — donoshennosti of the child, the availability of allergic reactions, vomiting, and regurgitation. A pediatrician can narrow it down to mix a particular type or even manufacturer.
If a mixture of the child does not fit, it will not be digested properly, as a result, the child will not get the right nutrients and be satisfied. Digestive enzymes undigested remnants of the mixture will be processed by the bacteria of the intestine, which usually leads to fermentation and decay of food. To determine what mixture of the child does not fit, there are several obvious signs.
If your child often spits up after feedings, besides his stool is very liquid and frequent (more than three times per day), thus the kid does not add a lot of height and body is likely the mixture is not suitable and should be replaced. Indirectly, it can indicate restlessness after feeding. If you for some time see these symptoms, look to the pediatrician for advice.
When choosing milk formula, always pay attention to match the age of your child. You cannot use the mixture for eight months when feeding two month old child because this may harm it. Be sure to look at the expiration date.
If possible, choose mixtures that have additional actions. For example, you can buy the milk mixture with the addition of the probiotic bacteria that strengthen the immune system.
If your child is prone to allergies, buy hypoallergenic special preventive compound. Such mixtures made of partially split proteins, which can significantly decrease its allergenicity.
Milk formulas can help to normalize the composition of intestinal microflora, if for some reason your child does not fit a mixture of another type, try it dairy option because it reduces the risk of intestinal infections and cleans the body.