Child's infant formula to translate only after the permission of the pediatrician, as primary impurities may be the components, which can cause the child allergic reactions.

In addition, all mixtures have a definite composition with a predominant amount of vitamins, only a pediatrician can determine what substances are not enough child's body and for this reason will help to choose the best option.

The types of infant formula

All infant formulas for artificial feeding, a commercially available specialized shops, meet all GOST requirements, tested thoroughly by the Institute of nutrition and approved. Moreover, this applies not only to new formula, but also to the old.

The basis of baby food is cow's or goat's milk, which is processed in a special way. Through the use of modern technologies, manufacturers are able to bring formula and composition of infant formula to breast milk.

Milk formula for children over one year

Currently mixes intended for feeding of children older than one year, issued by the overwhelming majority of firms. On the packaging of such products should be certain numbers, for example, three or four.

Many young mothers the question arises, why give formula milk, if the child is over the age of one year can already make a regular milk. It is not so simple. The fact that milk formulas have a richer composition than milk. You could even say that the food in respect of mixtures for artificial feeding is more valuable than cow's milk.

The child will not need to feed additional vitamin complexes from the pharmacy, since all the valuable components which can be necessary for a growing body, will be present in the mixtures.

Variety mixtures for children from one year

The most popular and very useful product is baby milk from Nestle. It includes vegetable oil, natural flavor (vanillin), vitamins, sucrose, lactose, milk fat and skimmed cow's milk.

Classic blend, most suitable for children older than one year, is "baby 3+" from the company Nutricia. The composition of the product includes the sugar powder, maltodextrin, cow's milk and rice flour.

A child older than one year you can buy children's milk which is called "nutrilac". The composition of this milk mixture very rich. It includes vitamins, several vegetable oils, mineral components, glucose syrup, skimmed cow's milk, lecithin, lactose and Pantothenic acid.