To criticize accepted the novelties of textbooks, which have not yet formed a definite opinion. And based on the reviews-reviews the decision is to recommend one or another textbook to use in educational institutions.
In the review the author not only expresses his attitude to the book, but justifies it analyzes the advantages and disadvantages, notes the importance and features. Reviewing the tutorial, you need to consider it in the context of modern life and the latest knowledge and discoveries. In the assessment, be sure to note the urgency or lack thereof in the presentation of the material.
For reviews of relatively small volume and brevity.
First, determine the theme of ideological orientation, give concisely the content of the textbookand or of individual paragraphs, then expand that concept.
Start the review with the bibliographic data (author, title, publisher and year of edition of the textbook). Then very briefly in one or two sentences, tell us about the concept and proceed to critical analysis or complex analysis of the text. Don't forget about personal reflection and reasoned evaluation of the content and its relevance. The main goal is to form a relationship to educational publishing and to actively influence the course of admission or rejection to the use in the educational process.
Remember that the detailed retelling reduces the value of much of the review. In any case, cannot replace analysis of the text of his paraphrase.
A review of the tutorial you can write a brief plan:1) be Sure to provide the bibliographic data.2) Comment on the basic provisions (give the interpretation of the author's thoughts and her own additions, and its relationship to the problem statement).3) take the generalized well-reasoned evaluation.4) make a conclusion about the significance of the textbook.
Don't forget that the review must be competent, therefore, pay special attention to the spelling and punctuation of your text.