If you have any need to change the mode of operation of the enterprise and transfer it to the replacement work, it is necessary to issue legally correct, as it is connected with change of working conditions. In this case, changes in the employment contract, this is done with the agreement of the parties. This means that it was necessary to agree changes with the Committee of trade unions or any other representative body of employees.
According to article 103 of the labour code, the number of daily work shifts can be either 2, 3 or 4. Accordingly, the duration can be 12, 8 or 6 hours. Shift duration of 24 hours, contrary to the labour code. In accordance with the features of technological processes at your enterprise, determine how long the change will be optimal for you. Immediately install the accounting period, which will provide the balance of work and counting hours of work a week, month, quarter, year.
In the chart, will provide the order of actions of employees at the end and the beginning of the shift, the procedure of its transfer, and actions of the employee in case of absence or tardiness to his mate.
When scheduling, you must consider multiple mandatory parameters, the effect of which is enshrined in the labour code. The duration of weekly continuous rest should be not less than 42 hours, and the duration of rest between two consecutive working shiftsand must be at least double the duration of the shift.
Note that except for the cases stipulated in article 96 of the labour code, the duration of night shift is set to 1 hour less. In the holidays this rule applies, but if the production technology does not allow such reduction, the employee is entitled to additional vacation time or excess as working overtime.
Set the graph duration of break and lunch for each shift. Identify taking into account it the number of actual working hours per employee per month. The standard working time calculate in accordance with the production calendar for the current year. If there is the fact of processing all overtime should be taken into account at the end of the accounting period and paid as overtime.
Schedule sign head of the company, chief accountant, head of HR and definitely agree with the representative body of employees.