You will need
  • - The labour Code of the Russian Federation;
  • - documents of employees;
  • - the labor contract with employees;
  • - the form of the order on the introduction of the summarized accounting of working time;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - work rules.
Make a possibility to sum up the working time and overtime work of employees in the internal labor regulations. This must be done in order to avoid controversial issues related to illegal recruiting outside employees of the organization. For each category of specialists established a distinction in norms of work time. Under the legislation, the actual working day should not exceed.
Alert already issued workers in writing about the introduction of the summation of the working time. This should be done in the form of notifications, which are written in duplicate and are given to employees two months before the date of entry into force of innovation.
Make a supplementary agreement to the contracts of staff already working at the company. They list the duration of irregular working time for this category of specialists. Set workers hourly rate according to which you will be able to correctly calculate and pay the employees. It is calculated by dividing the amount of the employee's salary by the number of hours stipulated by the norm. If you have vacancies then make the necessary adjustments to the model contract on them.
Make an order about the possibility of conducting aggregated working time. It specify the positions of those categories of workers upon which it is installed. List in the order that payment to employees is calculated from the tariff rate. Sign the documents with the signatures of the Director of the organization, professionals for which you can enter summarized accounting.
Make a work schedule for employees that introduces the summarized accounting of the working day (week), considering specifics of work of the organization, as well as legislative provisions governing duration of the working time.