The change of schedule is possible not more often than once a month. This need is usually related to changes in the working conditions of employees or the restructuring of staff. Work schedule can be an Annex to the collective agreement (article 103 TK the Russian Federation) or a separate document. In the first case, the necessary changes can be made as to the contract in the second – only in a separate normative document that regulates the regime of employment with the company. You can place it as an attachment to the internal labor regulations. But in any case, with the approval of, and the schedule of work and the changes that need to be coordinated with the representative body of employees in accordance with article 190 of the LC RF.
About the change of schedule the employer shall notify employees in advance, not later than a month. The fact of acquaintance must be signed by the employee. In that case, if this procedure was not performed, work schedule and changes made to it are considered illegal.
If the preparation of a new work schedule connected with change of organizational or technological working conditions, he must notify employees two months before introduction. If the employee does not agree with them and the other company he can not offer, in accordance with article 77 of the labour code the employment contract may be terminated.
When you make changes, you must consider the working time rules, which sets a new document. In that case, if they exceed the statutory rule, provide an accounting period, at the end of which employees will be paid monetary compensation for overtime work.
After making changes in work schedule and approved, it is necessary to make the order on the introduction of a new schedule. In the text of the order specifies the settings of the working day, and as reason is given a link to the regulatory document.