You will need
  • program Spu.
Use to build network program (Spu Vycherchivaya network from left to right, and the work-hands can have arbitrary inclination and length, the most important thing when building a network is compliance with General direction from left to right.
First build the chain draft, do not number the events. After that rearrange the network, add all unaccounted for, as well as loss of job, relationship. Avoid mutual intersections shooter, better slip event, or draw it as a polyline.
Follow the image parallel operations, as shown in the figure. For example, to display two or more jobs that match the start and end event, but vary in length, for example, electrical and plumbing works in civil building. Their performance combine, but not always at the same time. When performing such works enter additional events, dependence, performed as a single connection.
Display when you create a network also supplies material-technical resources, technical documentation and equipment. Delivery is the external work in relation to production.
Show them the solid arrow that goes from the event as a circle with zero marking the event which initiated the use of the materials. The duration of delivery determine from the date of application till the date of receipt of equipment (materials, designs) to the warehouse.
Display in the network organizational activities, associated with flow and also with the division of scope of work. This dependence will act as a sequential transition teams moving equipment. In this case, use the principle of threading.
Use bilateral and unilateral communication to build a network. Please note, there can be closed loops, tail and dead-end events. When coverage of a large complex of works will ukrupnenie (simplify) by replacing the schedule of a complex of similar one job.