First, try to strengthen the reception Wi-Fi signal. Better to do it without technical intervention in the laptop. Turn off the functionality to enable the economical operation mode of the adapter. Click "control Panel" and go to "System and security". Now locate and click power options. Select the work plan of the laptop that you use while connecting to wireless access points.
Click "change plan settings". Now select "Change advanced power settings". Find menu Settings "wireless network adapter" and expand it. Now click "power saving Mode". Select "Maximum performance" when running on battery and plugged in. Save settings power.
Now try to increase the power of Wi-Fi router. Of course, the easiest and most logical solution is to buy a more powerful device. Unfortunately, this approach requires large financial costs. So start with purchasing a higher quality antenna. Most routers have their own antennas, which are easily removable.
Examine the type of the antenna mount to the equipment. Purchase devices with the same mount and connect it to the router. If the result does not suit you, then try to use the means at hand to enhance the signal. Bare the upper part of the antenna, to be able to connect with her wire.
Take a piece of metal cable and solder it to the bare part of the antenna. The other end connect with system unit of computer. In this case it is better to connect with back block, so the signal will travel in the opposite wall direction. Alternatively, the system unit can be used a metal curtain.