To install wi-fi at home, we will need a special device – a router. When choosing a router, ask your ISP what models are suitable for the type of communication. Perhaps the representatives of the company will recommend specific routers manufacturers. Before buying you should heed their advice: must have carried out special tests, and with the recommended models your Internet connection will be more stable and faster.
Create the serial connection of the router and the computer. The wire through which is an Internet connection, pluggable into the corresponding socket of the router, and the second wire supplied, connect the router and computer by inserting it into the connector of the network card. At least one of the computers wired connection needs to be established: it will be the wireless settings.
Connecting to the router the power, start the computer and go into any of the installed in OS browsers. In the address bar write the IP of the router to access the settings: However, it may be different. Refer to the documentation to specify the address and login and password to access the page settings.
On the settings page wi-fi router should fill in 2 main tabs that directly affect the relationship: this is "Internet connection" ("WAN") and "Wireless network". On the page “WAN”, enter the username and password to access the Internet, connection type and IP address. Tab Wireless settings encryption access key to the wi-fi network and its name (SSID), by which it will be discovered by other computers. Restarting the router.
Check the correct connection and the installation of wi-fi router. Looking for a network using other computers or smartphones. After discovery, enter the password and begin browsing the Internet. If the connection is not cut off, and the channel is stable, then wi-fi at home is installed correctly.