You will need
  • - Wi-Fi router;
  • - patch cord.
Examine the technical characteristics of your mobile devices. It's not just about the laptops, but on smartphones and tablet computers. Find out the types of wireless networks that operate these devices. For this study the manual or find the information you need on the website of the manufacturer of specific equipment.
Select Wi-Fi router based on the received information. Unpack the unit and plug the power cable. Connect the equipment to a mobile or stationary computer. Use the patch cord that is supplied with the device.
Connect cable Internet to a special port on the router. Usually it is called WAN or Internet. Turn on the computer connected to the router. Start the Internet browser.
Open web-interface of network equipment. To do this, type into the address bar of the browser need an IP address. Its value refer to the device manual. Click Internet and then click Setup Wizard.
Follow the step-by-step settings menu. Fill in all necessary fields based on the requirements of your ISP. It should be noted that in some situations it makes more sense to use an alternative configuration. Some routers, for example, more stable work with PPTP and not L2TP.
After the connection has been set up providers click Wireless Settings. Install wireless network settings so that it could connect to the required device.
Restart Wi-Fi router after making the necessary changes. To do this, click the appropriate button in the web interface or unplug the PSU for a few seconds.
Wait until the router. Connect the mobile device to the access point. Check the possibility of access to the network.