You will need
  • money.
  • - INN;
  • - KBK.
To pay by credit card, you need to insert it into the terminal and dial the PIN code. Then click "Continue". If paying by cash, you can immediately move on to the second paragraph.
Then choose the option "Payments", then the section - "other payments". In the list of companies you have to choose the social insurance Fund.
Depending on the type of payment, select the tab "Insurance fees" or "Voluntary insurance" . In the first case we are talking about the mandatory contributions payable for the involvement of employees. In the second case, contributions are paid only if the employer voluntarily entered into an insurance relationship with the FSS.
Next, enter your INN and choose from the list the desired CPM (payment of tax, interest or penalty). Can enter the payment amount and carefully check the details. If everything is correct, confirm your payment by clicking "Accept".
After payment confirmation don't forget to bring a check for payment. This will serve as proof that you made payment in a timely manner and will protect you from fines and penalties. Upon payment of voluntary contributions, the receipt must be attached to the report 4-FSS.