Statement of non-payment of child support is written in the case where the payer ceases to remit the required payments or is making cash not in full. This petition written to the office of bailiff at the place of residence of the debtor. Usually alimony paid based on judicial decision or notarial agreement of the parents, which has the force of an Executive document. Therefore, if non-payment of the relevant amounts re-appeal to the court is required to apply to the bailiffs asking for action to resume paying alimony, paying off the debt.

What are the requirements for the application form?

Strict requirements for the form of application for failure to pay child support is not presented, its contents is also determined by the applicant depending on the specific circumstances of the case. In the address part of the statement indicated a specific Department of the court bailiffs service, the location, the names of the officials who addressed an appeal. If the enforcement proceedings against the debtor was filed earlier, it is recommended to send the application in two copies: the head of the relevant Department and the bailiff-executor who is dealing with this case. If the earlier production was not initiated, should be limited to one statement in the name of the head of Department. After the address part contains the substance of the statements at the end of the document indicates the date that is the personal signature of the applicant.

What is contained in the application for failure to pay child support?

If earlier enforcement proceedings against the debtor have been initiated, in the statement, be sure to ask about the initiation of enforcement proceedings, since all coercive measures are taken only after this action. In this case, the statement should make an agreement about payment of the alimony or a writ of execution. In addition, you should specify a failure to pay child support by the debtor, the date of cessation of payments (if they had previously produced), the total amount of debt at the time of application. You must also ask about the Commission of Executive actions aimed at repayment (investigation and a forced drive of the payer, the direction of the Executive document to his employer, a credit institution, seizure of property, restriction of travel outside the Russian Federation and others).