First, faced with the inaction of the judicial bailiff-executor, you need to come to the Department of bailiffs and in person to give the officer his claim, proposing to take the statutory measures for the enforcement of the act.
If the meeting with the judicial bailiff-executor did not bring the desired result, it is necessary to appeal the inaction of his supervisor, the senior bailiff of the division. You can also submit a complaint about the inaction of the head of territorial administration on the subject of Russia. To specify the address of the location of territorial administration in the office of the bailiff or on the official website of the service. After considering the complaint, the applicant mandatory shall be notified of the results of consideration and taken in connection with these measures.
If there are doubts in objectivity of consideration of the complaint by their superiors idle officials, should appeal to the Prosecutor. Since the supervision of legality is the prerogative of the prosecution, a complaint to the supervising Prosecutor is one of the most effective methods to get the bailiff to work by court order.
Also, to protect its legal right to enforcement of a judgment through the court. This is a more troublesome procedure that requires specific legal knowledge to prepare the complaint and defend its arguments in court. But the court decision about recognition illegal inactivity of the judicial bailiff-executor and obliging it to eliminate the revealed violations – the most effective method to get the bailiff to work.