Power of attorney signature can be one-time, special or General. Single – entitles your Trustee to deliver one or more signatures on one document or multiple documents. Special – gives him the right to commit one or more specific assignments. When performing your representative all the tasks specified in the document, and single, and a special power of attorney will automatically lose its power.
When making a General power of attorney, you allow the person to represent your interests before third parties, to perform a variety of legally important actions for you and put their signature on various documents in the next three years.
To issue a power of attorney to sign, both single and both special and General, ask for help at any notary's office together with the person you want to make your confidant. To do this, you and your representative will need to bring only the passport of the Russian Federation.
Determine the kind of attorney that authorizes the signature that you would like to register, tell us about your wishes to the notary. He, in turn, will give you the amount of money you will have to pay for the chosen service.
Power of attorney to sign any kind is usually not more than a day. Their direct duties, i.e. the settlement of transactions, various legal actions, representation of your interests before third parties and the affixing of signatures on documents for you, the Trustee can begin already from the moment of registration of the document.
To refuse execution of conditions of the power of attorney to sign and you can, and your representative at any time. It is necessary to apply to the notary at the place of registration of the document with the statement for its cancellation, written notification to the second party of the contract in three days.