A power of attorney for the transfer of documents from a trusted person is drawn up by a notary, affixed his signature and seal. When a power of attorney already on hand, the trusted person can only produce the desired action, such as obtaining documents. As a rule, in the power of attorney may be given a list of documentsthat must to the Trustee.
Before sending documents to their holder should definitely check all the necessary data and ensure their authenticity. The Trustee must provide your passport and a power of attorney, under which he intends to obtain the documents.
The holder must check the validity of a power of attorney. Note: he has the right to remove her copy. Besides, make sure that the power of attorney signed by the person who expressed a desire to entrust the right to obtain documents from a trusted person. Accordingly, the holder must check the passport details of the Trustee to ensure that the person presenting the authorization is the one on whose behalf the proxy was issued.
The holder of the documents has the right to transfer them to until the Trustee will provide all necessary documents confirming the right to receive them.
The Trustee in turn must ensure that he passed those documents that are listed in a power of attorney. The number of transmitted documents must also be spelled out.
If everything is in order, the Trustee puts his signature in the act or form of transfer documents indicating the required data Trustee. The holder also signs the document. As a rule, these forms should be two, one of which remains in the holder, and the other is transmitted to the recipient.