Very often the person is able associated and beautifully Express their thoughts, but to manifest his oratorical skill, he can not because of fear of public speaking. To overcome this phobia you need to follow a few recommendations. To feel confident during the speech, prepare for it. Make a plan which you will follow during your speech. Or, for example, if you're going to make a presentation at the conference, make a text that will say during his speech and learn it. This will help to feel more confident.
If you lost a large number of people, you can choose any one person and address him, rather than trying to look at the entire audience. Better to choose the person who sits in the middle or at the end of the hall, then creates the feeling that you are talking with the entire audience, not just one.
Help yourself in his speech, gestures, facial expressions. Of course, much waving hands is not necessary, but to stand like a statue is not worth it. Natural movement will help you to feel free and easy.
Many start to stammer while talking, muttering something not coherent, because feel shy, afraid to make a mistake. This can be avoided if you plan for all your fears, give yourself the right to fail. For example, you fear that you will forget your speech. Think about what you can do to fix this situation. Imagine how you get out of this awkward situation. If you can handle it mentally, and in real life you then it will be easier to navigate if you suddenly find yourself in a similar position.
To have good oratorical skills, confidence a little. Must be able to more correctly and beautifully to speak. Man with a broad vocabulary could Express the same idea. To do this, expand your horizons, read more books, interested in the world around you, etc.
Clear and understandable speech also helps to improve public speaking skills. If you're talking indistinctly around a few times, and asks you, then you need to fix it. Record your speech on a dictaphone and then listen to it. Remember all the flaws that have been discovered. Then again, record yourself, listen again. Do this until your speech is not satisfactory. Or you can pronounce tongue twisters. First, take it slow, learn to pronounce all the letters of the word. After that, you can try to talk at a faster pace, with different intonations, etc. Regular exercise will help you to quickly make your speech more clear and beautiful.