Advice 1: How to apply makeup correctly

The ability to apply makeup is a miracle. It begins with the image of the character. Through well-matched makeup you can make the viewer believe that he is a Greek God or a medieval knight, Prince or pauper, the Frog Princess or the witch. Despite the huge range of cosmetics, actors often use traditional theatrical makeup.
How to apply makeup correctly
You will need
  • - oily make-up;
  • cream "Nivea", "Child" or petroleum jelly;
  • - multiple bases Nude (in theatrical sets, there are usually 2 or 3);
  • dry makeup, with shades of skin;
  • powder;
  • shadow;
  • - blush:
  • - hummos;
  • glue;
  • - cotton swabs;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - puff;
  • - brush;
  • - swipe;
  • - mirror.
Prepare everything you need. All but theatrical make-up, glue and gummosa, you can buy it at a perfume shop. Hummos is used to sculpt the details that will not be able to picturesque methods. For example, if you need to radically change the shape of the nose. To the set of theatrical make-up, add the standard cosmetic set. To create a theatrical image to get a better loose powder and blush.
Makeup can be applied pictorial, sculptural or mixed ways. Most often used the latter because it allows to combine the advantages of the first and second. The option depends on the nature of the character, like the face of the actor, lighting and other factors.
Consider your face. It has bumps and hollows that need to be considered. If you need to change the shape of the nose or cheekbones — vilaite them from gummosa. This material is very reminiscent of clay and is as comfortable to handle. Vilaite detail. Grease glue the desired area of the face and detail. Wait a few minutes and connect the surface.
Apply a layer of cream or vaseline. This is mandatory if you use dry makeup. In the presence of fat paints, you can do without lubrication. Apply the cream in the direction of massage lines, that is, from the nose arcs to the cheeks, from the middle of the forehead to the temples, etc. Excess fat should not be. If they appear, remove them with a napkin.
In the same way, apply Foundation. Use a cosmetic sponge, but to apply a basic layer and index finger along the massage lines. Then spread evenly over the entire surface. Don't forget to cover the earlobes and the neck, which is closed by the collar. If this is not done, the viewer will feel that the character wore a mask.
When using the artistic technique of applying make-up is governed by the same laws as painting. That is, bulges and depressions are obtained at the expense of lighter or darker tones. For example, if the middle of the forehead to apply the paint lighter than the base tone, it will seem convex. Similarly, you can visually change the shape of the nose and cheekbones.
Apply lines of basic details. Give form eyes and eyebrows, nasolabial folds, wrinkles. Lines should be smooth, clear and smooth. To apply them preferred cotton swabs. At this stage it is very important that hands are not shaking and the line was the thickness that is needed. Movement you first need to work out. Try to imagine how you'd applied the makeup to the face of another person, and then try it on your own.
It is very helpful to draw the character's face on the sheet. If you grimiruetsya under the finished image, print two pictures — a portrait of the character and your own photo. Try a pencil to paint their face so that it looked like the desired image. Remember, what colors you paint the different parts of the face.
The main color of the makeup depends on the nature of the character, the lighting and other factors. Of course, a European Princess paler than the face of a pirate with the same lighting. Accordingly, for the first character, select the lightest shade, and the second darker.

The makeup should be able not only to impose but also to remove. This can be done in several ways. Old actors taking makeup off special plastic knife. You can use lignin or fatty cream. Sculptural details are separated with a special solvent that you can buy in the same place and glue.
Useful advice
Makeup is necessary even when the character does not require major changes in the appearance of the actor. If you do not apply paint, the viewer will see a flat featureless face. You can limit the minimum makeup. In such cases, the face covered with a layer of powder, and brows and eyes down the usual cosmetic pencil. Actresses in such cases it is better to use high-quality decorative cosmetics.

Advice 2: How to make makeup

To get make-up it is often very difficult. Surely you've encountered this situation what the occasion or the performance on the nose, and grim to find anywhere else can't, or it costs a lot of money. In such situations, you can successfully replace purchased make-up to prepared with his own hands.
The makeup is easy to do at home
For the preparation of theatrical make-up you'll need watercolor (do not take gouache as it irritates the skin) is fresh and not salty bacon.
* Melt fat, you need fat from it. You can instead of fat to get the cooking oil;
* Mash the paint to the powder;
* A little rubbing, mix the fat and dry the paint.
Theatrical makeup is ready. In composition it differs slightly from the store, but you know that no harmful ingredients, and it washed off like conventional cosmetics with makeup remover or plain soap.
There is a more complex method of preparation of make-up, which is suitable for filming. But this makeup is more uniform, does not melt under heat.
For making cinematic makeup you will need mineral oil or the lamp, you can get it in the Church shop) and all the same design or watercolor paint. The cooking process is the same – RUB the paint with butter until a homogeneous mass. This makeup is more liquid than cooked in fat, but they can draw finer lines that dribble in the wrinkles on the face, but apply it very difficult.
Any makeup you need to know how to apply, or facial swelling can not be avoided. First, apply on the face light cream (earlier for these purposes used the vaseline, but it additionally weights the makeup and prevents the skin to breathe), it matched the color of the skin tone cream. Makeup apply with a brush or your finger. Avoid glitter makeup lightly powdered. Instead of powder you can use talcum powder or regular baby powder. It costs a penny, but the effect is the same.
Don't use up " gouache and poster paint, common writing pen or ballpoint to gel-based. You must be sure that the paint you use for makeup, easily rinsed from the skin.

Advice 3: Which is better, toner or powder?

All women want to look attractive. But not everyone is given by nature smooth and beautiful skin. This does not mean that you can not be irresistible? Nowadays there are a lot of corrective tools that will help to create incredible and compelling image of a desirable woman. Skin problems are directly related to environmental degradation and low quality food that the market offers. And the stress? People are constantly exposed to stressful situations, which also negatively affect the appearance.
Which is better, toner or powder?
It is very rare to find a beautiful woman, which by nature looks like that and does not use any cosmetics. Do you think Actresses from nature are so beautiful and incredibly sexy? They work hard to look like a million dollars. So why don't we work on ourselves?
All the negative factors primarily affect the appearance of the skin. And as you know the female face is a business card. And so you need to fight for beautiful skin. The cosmetic industry does not stand still, and all the time improve their new technologies. There are many effective tools that will help you to find the beauty. Foundation and powder are paramount for creating an attractive image for a few minutes.

How to choose a concealer?

Back in the 90s, dermatologists cautiously treated tonal creams and was advised to refuse this tool. At that time, the Foundation had a very dense structure. It is, of course, was well fulfilled their corrective function, but did not give the skin to breathe. Pores clogged, and very often women have an allergic reaction and redness, sometimes rashes. All these side effects are long gone. Today's advanced cosmetic composition is entirely different from the last century.
Today, cosmetic companies offer not just matting the drugs that evens the complexion and cream with regenerative ingredients for the skin. Now, concealer is a necessity for women. Because this tool protects the skin from industrial pollution, soot and other dust in major cities. Many cover-up contain vitamin E, which nourish the skin. But summer time is perfect tone cream with UV protection.
Use these tools wisely. Foundation are chosen individually for each type and color of the face. It is not worth buying a few shades darker than cream, if you have fair skin. It will look like your face is burnt in the tanning bed. It is recommended to use a persistent basis, not more often 4 times a week. Sometimes the skin needs to give and rest from cosmetics.
Every night before going to bed thoroughly wash off the makeup. Water treatments do not take much time. And you will not be overworked and the skin well. If this is not done, problems can occur with the skin. Make up removal is a very important element in skin care.

Face powder – your best friend Foundation

Powder well smoothes the skin as a toner. But if you compare it to tone-cream, the powder makes it much softer and take good care. This is the last and finishing touch makeup. This cosmetic product gives the skin a velvety. In cosmetology you can find a lot of varieties of powders for every taste and color. They differ not only in color but composition.
The most popular type of powder is crumbly. It perfectly complements the cream. Friable means that it is powder form. And to take it with you to somewhere to "powder my nose" would be extremely uncomfortable. And so it is suitable for domestic use in the process of daily makeup. But it is very stable and economical. This powder will last for a long time.
The compact powder is designed to always be on hand at the women. It should be in the makeup bag of any woman. Powder is easy to handle shown brilliantly on her forehead. This is a great motivating tool.
For owners of sensitive skin and Allergy sufferers, there is an antiseptic powder. It includes special soothing and healing components that quickly and effectively bring the skin to life. Therefore, for oily skin also has a special powder.
Powder in the balls – decoration. The composition of the reflective components go, they soften the facial contours and rejuvenate the skin. To apply the powder is a thin layer, should not get involved. This powder is great for parties and other events. You will look incredible.
Women who have beautiful and smooth skin can use transparent powder. It protects the skin from external pollutants and removes Shine from the face. This transparent powder is effective both in winter and summer.

Alternative solution: powder cream

Probably many wonder what is better to choose for yourself? A powder or tonal basis? In the women's Arsenal has to be both. After all, if you need proof makeup, you will first need to apply concealer, and finish the makeup with powder. Without such procedures in any way.
Now let's examine the alternative – cream powder. What does it represent? This is one of the favorite tools of every woman. Powder and Foundation in one bottle. Inside which contains all the advantages of the two means for the skin. With this tool, you also encourage the skin and removes Shine. To choose the tool wisely.
For owners of combination and oily skin makeup cream Foundation must log in silicone oil. This remedy will not cause allergies and other skin redness. It is well smoothes the skin and complexion, and for what it is worth thank. More Mature skin requires a more liquid base. It is well nourishes and moisturizes the skin. But for oily skin you need a cream with antiseptic components.

To be beautiful and attractive is not difficult. It is necessary to monitor its appearance and skillfully use the means at hand. With the help of a good makeup can be an incredible beauty.
Is the advice useful?