Take a voice recorder or cell phone with voice recording function and at the usual pace put any text. For example, imagine talking to your mother or friend to retell the content of the film. Listen to the recording and objectively evaluate how fast the pace of your voice and how speech errors you allow. Ask yourself the question is it easy for a stranger to understand your speech. In the end, decide whether you will be able to learn to speak slowly and clearly yourself, or you will have to turn to a speech therapist.
Try the exercise known since the time of the orator Demosthenes. Namely, the type in your mouth sea pebbles (if it is not, will help dragee-type chocolate raisins) and standing in front of a mirror, slowly and clearly spoken text, for example, read a poem or proverb. Do exercise daily, recording the results on tape, then listen to the recording and check your progress.
Open the book and read it out loud for a while. To read a standard book page you should leave at least two to three minutes. Initially do the exercise aloud, after a few days start to read about yourself, not forgetting glances at the clock.
Sing out loud as much as possible, making sure to propagate clearly and distinctly all the end of words. If you do not hesitate, go to a karaoke bar. Choose a slow tempo song, for example, Russian folk, get used to their measured pace. If you sing there is no possibility or desire, in the course of conversation quietly hit the rhythm with his foot, trying to speak in rhythm to his movements and keep the rhythm.
Develop muscles of the tongue, performing simple speech therapy exercises. Focus on the language form of boats, widely lick your lips in a circle like lick with them jam. Turn language into a tube and move them with an open mouth forward and backward. Get the tip of the tongue to the sky. All the movements of daily repeat 10 - 15 times.
If independent attempts do not give the desired result, consult a speech therapist or sign up for acting classes. You will be the teacher of stage speech that speech errors and pick up the individual way to correct them. In addition, studies with a stranger keep in good shape.