Ways of combining apartments

Two adjacent apartments in the same house can be combined horizontally or vertically. Horizontally merges adjacent apartments on the same floor, vertically – stacked. Since the Union of the apartments is, in fact, re-planning, you can not do without obtaining permits, and for this you will need to order a redevelopment project in the organization with the necessary certification and non-SRO members. We can immediately say that if the horizontal coordinate is even possible, the vertical – almost never, rare cases concern only of combining apartments, located on the last and penultimate floors.
Unauthorized Association apartments face not only administrative, but also criminal liability, in addition, the housing inspection may require restoration of the apartment layouts.

The Union of apartments involves the reinstallation of utilities and equipment, including sewer, water and electricity, as well as changes in the layout, they must all be reflected in the technical passport of the dwelling. The procedure for obtaining permission for the Union of apartments can last for a long time – from 2 months to half a year you will need to spend on it.

Required documents

To permit the Union of two apartments, you should collect a package of documents that you will present to authorities: local authorities, sanitary-epidemiological service, the management company, fire service, gas and the state housing inspection.
You should obtain and execute a written will agree its neighbors on the reconstruction and the Union of apartments. This document, according to law, is not included in the mandatory list, but will help to resolve many issues.

You will need:
- technical passport of the both apartments with the floor plans application of BTI;
- extract from the house register;
copies of financial personal accounts of apartments;
- originals and copies of certificates on the property right to apartment;
- the consent of all the owners of these apartments on their Union.

This package of documents will be the basis for the development of the redevelopment project and receiving technical advice on its capabilities from designers. For permit you will also need to obtain the SES, fire and gas inspections; matching documents from the local authority, the management company and the housing Inspectorate. After the merge you will receive the act of receiving the transmission at the joint apartment technical passport BTI and a new certificate of ownership.