You will need
  • -the contract for the tenancy;
  • -report the fire and sanitation services that the premises meet the necessary requirements;
  • -certificate confirming registration with the tax Inspectorate;
  • -the Charter of the organization;
  • -educational program;
  • -documents confirming the availability of the necessary methodical literature and training materials;
  • data about the teachers, the number of children, etc.
To start, register your own legal entity. It has to be either a LLC (limited liability company) or JSC (joint stock company). Without this item you cannot do, because the licensed legal entities only.
Next you need to decide some important questions, the answers to which will require you to issue a license. First, the room. 6 square meters per child is the norm, so the total required area for a garden you need to calculate, based on the specified parameter. Second, check the premises, equipment, feeding schedule, provider and seller of products in special organs. It fire control, and disease surveillance.
As soon as we receive permission from regulatory agencies, start for the development of educational and training programs. And by the time you go to apply for a license, you must already be formed the teaching staff (definitely qualified!), passed and received state certification to perform training activities.
Submitting documents to the Licensing chamber, indicate all areas in which you will engage. This is due to the fact that the license is issued in a single copy, and immediately all. If you forget something to specify, then you will have to undergo the entire procedure again to update the authorizing document.
Once you decide preliminary questions, gather the necessary documents. It includes a contract to lease space to house your kindergarten; a conclusion issued by the Supervisory authorities (SES and SFS); the certificate confirming the fact of registration in tax inspection; Charter of your organization; prepared a draft educational and training programs; documents confirming that you have prepared the material and technical basis (availability of educational materials and special literature, etc.); full details of teaching staff and number of children.
The decision on issuance of a license can take a long time. Sometimes consideration of the issue last month. However, if your request is granted, you will be able to open a kindergarten without saucy problems.