You will need
  • A network cable.
The modem or router you can connect to the access point in two ways: wired and wireless. To get started, create a cable connection. Connect the new router to the device, which was created by the access point.
To do this, connect the WAN port (Internet) router with LAN connector (Ethernet) other equipment. This method of connection will allow you to create a new wireless access point.
Connect to the channel of the LAN (Ethernet) router, the laptop or computer. Open a browser and enter the address IP of the device.
Click Internet Setup (network setup). Set router a new static IP address (if necessary) and assign the LAN port of the main channel of access to the Internet.
Click Wireless Setup Wi-Fi). Create access point is similar to that which already exists. Of course, change the SSID (Name) of the new wireless access point.
If, however, the possibility of cable connection equipment is missing, the settings must be altered.
Click Wireless Setup and configure the connection to the wireless access point. Disadvantage of this method is that you can't create new wireless network.
Connect all the computers and laptops to the Ethernet ports (LAN) of the router. Go to Internet Setup. Allow all local computers to use the wireless connection of the router to access the Internet. Enable the DHCP function to configure the local network settings on each computer.
If this feature is missing, then open the properties for the network adapter on any computer and go to properties of TCP/IP. Locate items in the "default gateway" and "Preferred DNS server". Enter the IP address of the router.
Fill in similarly the item "IP address" by changing the last segment. Repeat this setting for all other PCs or laptops.