Professional services in connection are quite expensive, so it is best to cope on their own. In order to connect your computer to the modem, you need to adhere to the following sequence:
You must determine the type of modem it can be external or internal. For the external modem in the computer must have a COM port.
You need to connect the power supply of the modem to the mains and, accordingly, the connector from the power supply to connect to the connector on the modem. An internal modem is installed on the motherboard.
Connect the modem to the telephone network. For this there are two connectors – one to connect the modem and one for telephone. The connection is carried out using a conventional shielded cable, the plug which is marked DB25-M. After connecting, you need to test the functionality of the phone with the power off of the computer.
Next, connect the modem to the computer. When connecting the indicator lights on the modem and stays.
To verify the modem connection, you need to run a special program in your possession, and try to communicate with another modem.
To begin to work on the computer, you need to create a new connection and follow all the instructions of the installer. The last step will be the "finish" button. After that it is possible to connect to the host Internet service provider, and if the connection failed, the modem will produce certain clicks. If you call yourself, you can hear the beeps, meaning that the line is busy. After the operations, you are ready to work.
To connect the computer to the modem requires strict adherence to all actions in accordance with the instructions, otherwise the equipment may malfunction.