You will need
  • - network cables.
If your provider provides services DSL Internet, you can buy a suitable Wi-Fi router, or use the device with the WAN port in conjunction with the DSL modem. Quite often the modem is already installed, so focus on the second option.
If you have a multiport DSL modem, then it is likely to have connected a few computers. To create a wireless access point with maintaining a wired network, connect the router to the LAN port of the modem.
Naturally, the second end of the network cable connect the connector WAN (Internet) router. Connect to its LAN port (Ethernet) laptop or desktop computer. Run on the selected equipment, the Internet browser and enter in the address bar the IP of the wifi router.
Configure the device settings. Open the WAN menu. As an access server, specify the IP address of the DSL modem. The username and password to access the provider's server, you need not they are already defined in the modem.
Now create a wireless network. Be sure to select security type and set a complex password. This will help protect your computers. Connect the laptop to the created access point. Connect one or more desktop computers to the LAN connectors of the router.
Now open advanced settings Wi-Fi router. Select "bridge Connection". Specify the wireless network adapter in this router and the network card of one of the computers connected to its LAN port. Note that most newer routers automatically form a bridge between these devices. To register additional routes you can open the menu "routing table".
Save the settings Wi-Fi settings of the router. Restart the device by unplugging it for a few seconds from AC power. Wait for the download equipment. Check the functionality of the bridge.