You will need
  • pencil;
  • too paper;
  • paper for lamination, thick cardboard or linoleum;
  • - Scotch;
  • - an x-ACTO knife.
Click the picture for the stencil. Themes can be very diverse, but you should consider where to draw the image: window glass, door, cupboard, car bonnet or the outside wall of a country house. The scope of the stencils is very wide, finished drawings can be found on specialized sites dedicated to airbrushing, graffiti, or homemade crafts. Transfer any image from the book or album is possible with the help of carbon paper. Deciding to draw the stencil yourself, remember that all lines must be closed, and the pattern is divided into sectors, which are then filled with paint. The smaller the stencil, the parts must be larger and clearer.
Finding the right water-resistant stencil material. This can be a thin plastic or paper for lamination. If you want to make a stencil that will be used frequently, take a thick cardboard without voids inside. This Board is also used for packaging of refrigerators and other household appliances. After repeated use, it will be covered by several layers of paint that will make it hard but brittle. So the cardboard is easier to use for translation of figures of small size, when the stencil is not too large and does not need folding. For larger images it is best to use linoleum. It is not too convenient to carry the picture, but the finished product can always be collapsed into a roll.
Transfer the stencil onto paper or cardboard. If you chose the paper for lamination, you will need copy paper. There is another way: apply the pattern and workpiece to the stencil to the window glass. Be careful not to leave scratches. If you use thick cardboard or linoleum, first cut a stencil out of the ordinary landscape of paper and then apply and gently move on the chosen material.
Penetrate all parts of the stencil. It is most convenient to use a pair of scissors and a box cutter with a sharp blade. Be especially careful with small details. When working with cardboard and linoleum, do not leave nicks and burrs: they will make the figure messy.