You will need
  • - landscape sheet;
  • - gouache or watercolor;
  • - brush made of squirrel hair (No. 2, 3, 4).
Select the "width step", that is, the spatial interval at which the pattern will be repeated. It largely depends on the width of the ornament, if that is a track.
Start with the simple shapes of dots or circles. Dip the brush into the paint and draw the elements of the ornament at equal intervals. Don't forget to add color to all the shapes turned out evenly colored.
Choose a different shade of paint and connect elements drawn basic lines to make a track. To create a simple, short lines touch the tip of the brush to the paper, and then put it in the direction in which you need to form belopotosky trail. In this technique, you can draw horizontal, vertical or oblique stripes.
Complicate the pattern, this print brush curved lines. Follow these two rules. First, new elements of the ornament must not come into contact with painted before. Second, the pattern must be symmetrical in relation to those figures that form the basis of the pattern. That is, or all the lines should be tilted to the right, or alternately change direction.
Complete pattern pieces. You can draw stars, crow's feet, consisting of three short strokes, triangles or semicircles. To do this, use a new paint color. Ensure that each segment of the ornament have the same amount of additional shapes. Keep in mind, it is better to use not more than three or four shades of paint to create a simple pattern, otherwise the picture will be too bright and heavy for perception.
If you wish, you can add in the pattern of plant elements – leaves, flowers, grapes or berries of mountain ash. The picture these items should be simple, without unnecessary drawing.