You will need
  • Pencils, paper, marker, tape, ruler.
First you need to make a sketch for your next stencil. If you plan to do the inscription. The first thing you can come up with a design. If you already have experience in calligraphy can come up with them yourself, but if you've never done this before it is better to first look at examples, copy any. Will look better expressive letters.
If you are going to transfer the stencil image, find the to begin with is not too difficult. Simple concise picture with no extra parts, may look very expressive and stylish.
Easier to start with a small thumbnail size. Make one, two or three options in sheet format A6. If you come up with a sketch of yourself, never stop at the first option, even if you still like. After making a couple you will most likely refuse him.
How to make a stencil
Once you have come up with a sketch, take a sheet of thick drawing paper, and cut it to size. You can also use cardboard, hardboard, linoleum, and even three-millimeter thin plywood.
Now we need to transfer the sketch onto the sheet. There are several ways. If you're confident or making drawing earlier, you can transfer the sketch by hand. But when you need to multiply the sketch be useful to a more reliable way to accurately transfer the sketch onto the cardboard. It was used for a long time. Mark your sketch with a ruler into equal squares. You should get a kind of mesh. The more squares, the more accurate you will take a picture.

On paper, the future of the stencil, mark out the same number of cells. For convenience, cells can be enumerated. For example, the letters vertically and numbers horizontally.

After you will transfer to the stencil sketch, trace it with a marker.
How to make a stencil
You can now begin to cut out the stencil. It is best to use for dummy knife with a locking mechanism. Scissors to do it will be very inconvenient. In order to make it easier and faster to cut straight lines, you can use a metal ruler.
If you want to make your stencil more durable and moisture resistant, by the way, glue it on two sides, transparent tape. As for the more convenient use and improvement of wear resistance, can be attached on the sides of the stencil ordinary wooden ruler.
How to make a stencil