You will need
  • A sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • To draw the pattern on the stencil may still need cardboard, boot knife, sponge and paint.
Determine what you need the pattern. This will depend on what elements you want to draw, and materials. If he will be part of a drawing on paper or, say, ornament, embroidery, determine its place on the sheet. It can be placed in any part of a leaf or are part of the frame. From the destination patternand depends on his color scheme. The contour of the pattern for the embroidery is solid, but you should be well aware of color combinations. Eens for lace or drawing for the carving needs to be self-sufficient in a plain version. Think of which items can be used as additional. They have come in style. If you are going to paint the ornament, consider what combination of elements will be repeated.
Ornament, arranged in a circle
Think of the basic elements of the pattern. For floral ornament this will be leaves, berries, flowers. Adjust the algorithm to their location. Perhaps the items would need to connect the stems with some additional elements. For geometric designs draw circles, squares, triangles. On a small sheet of paper, place them in a different sequence and see what happens. Select the best option. Geometric shapes can be interconnected in a variety of types of straight lines. It can be a dotted line, broken line, just video. Try a few variants of the lines.
Floral ornament
On a large sheet, place the elements of the patternand in accordance with the algorithm you came up with. Connect parts of the drawing different lines, if necessary. If you think that the picture is not finished, complete it with suitable elements. Pre-mark the picture where they will look good.
If the pattern is part of the easel of the picture, will finish it in the technique you use for the pattern. The pattern is a sketch for embroidery or other needlework, a circle with a Sharpie, then put on fabric or wood.