You will need
  • Polyethylene, thread, elastic, scissors, sewing machine.
It is not necessary to buy expensive shower cap. In the presence of a sewing machine it can quickly and easily stitch your hands. In order that the hat was waterproof, take polyethylene. Cut the fabric circle with a diameter of 50 cm fold the edge of the circle in centimetre or two and sew with a needle. Then basted the seam prostrochite on a typewriter. When you can form folds because you sew the circle. Just don't pay attention to them. Now insert in the cap rubber, and it will take form. Pre-measure the size of erasers on his head. If you want, you can decorate the hat with stickers, appliqués and so on.
There is a more complicated way to create a beanie with their hands. Take any not cloth. It is desirable that the base was fabric, and the top can be polyethylene. Of fabric cut 2 identical rectangles. Their height should be 23 cm, and a length of 36 cm Length and height can adjusted in accordance with the size of the head. Now one of the triangles, make three folds at the 1 see the second rectangle, too, make a crease, but slightly above or below the folds than on the first triangle.
Fold the rectangles together and sew the seams. After that treat allowances zigzag. The stitches need to not grind to the top, because then there need to sew a jumper. The jumper cap, do this: cut the fabric into a rectangle with a length of 15 cm and a width of 4 cm Or make it a little more, leaving the fabric for the allowances. Treat the jumper zigzag and proutyuzhte. Insert the jumper in the upper part of the cap and pristrochite it in two approaches: first one side and then the other.
After that, proceed to the processing of bottom. You can just bend the cap to stitch and insert the elastic. And you can carve out of a fabric rectangle with width 3 cm and long 40 cm Rectangle fold folds and prostrochite. You'll have a frill. Sew the ruffle to the hat so that it was possible to insert the elastic. The rubber insert in the cap, given its elasticity.
If you sewed a hat or waterproof fabric and insert the lining inside her. It can be made of any soft fabric: fleece, cotton and so on. So, cut the fabric into a circle approximately 40-50 cm in diameter. Remove the cap on the wrong side and pristrochite the circle to the edges. Then Unscrew the cap on the front side: the lining will be inside.