You will need
  • - consultation of narcologist;
  • - preparations for the treatment of alcoholism and relief of craving for beer;
  • - psychotherapy;
  • - maintenance therapy.
The government, in the fight for the health of the nation, banned the sale of alcohol after 22 hours, but on all Central television channels is an endless beer is the main beverage that replenished the state Treasury and is lost health of the younger generation. Besides, beer nullifies all attempts to restore the demographic situation in Russia. Young girls who use this foamy drink and acquire a dependence on it in 4 years lose the ability to conceive, and the guys acquire a feminine appearance, have a big belly, low testosterone levels and want nothing but to drink beer and not worry about anything and about anyone.
The human body, the liver, the brain, nervous, cardiovascular system, reproductive functions, it is immaterial in what form the alcohol comes in, he has the same destructive power. Moreover, often sold in liter bottles, the beer has nothing to do with Penna malt beverage. This is just a ruff, which added malt, water, preservatives or alcohol. One and a half liters of fortified beer is one bottle of alcohol forty degrees. And there comes no less severe hangover than drinking vodka, moonshine or alcohol. After a while, after systematic use, inevitably there comes a time when you need to freshen the nip, to add also to drink. From beer alcoholism cure is even slower than on vodka binges.
To get rid of beer alcoholism, like any other, you need to go to the doctor-psychiatrist, get professional help. Will be assigned to therapy, contributing to the restoration of the psyche, biochemical processes, drugs for the relief of alcohol craving and supportive therapy.
Immediate treatment may choose only narcologist, according to the General state of the patient, the experience of alcohol dependence, the presence of certain nervous and mental disorders. Methods can be different, medical or psychological coding. Or therapy without coding with the use of antidepressants: amitriptyline, prozac, fluoxetine, rexetin, paxil, Anaferon, stablon, stimuloton, coax, atarax, trazodone, pirazidola. Can also be assigned to antipsychotics: eglonil, sonapaks, carbides, neuleptil, haloperidol, chlorprothixene, leponeks, chlorpromazine. Tranquilizers-Phenazepamum, grandaxinum, Stresa, cipralex, sedalgin, zopiclone, valium, imovan, tazepam, nozepam, temazepam. In addition to the main treatment acupuncture, reflexology, psychotherapy.
Modern techniques allow us to achieve sustained remission, but to cure alcoholism because it is a lifelong chronic disease, and one glass of beer, even after years of abstinence will lead to another breakdown and the inevitable problems. Therefore, after a course of antialcoholic therapy should be adjusted to a sober lifestyle for a time, but forever.