You will need
  • - the doctor-the psychiatrist;
  • - an independent decision to quit drinking and undergo supportive therapy.
Alcoholism is a terrible disease that can affect virtually everyone, regardless of education level, social status and security. The only difference is that more educated women a very long time hiding their addiction from others and drink behind closed doors alone. But only from time to time at the initial stage of the disease when the body can still cope with the morning hangover and a woman is trying to lose its image.
With the development of alcohol dependence inevitably start problems in your personal life and at work. Historically, that society can justify drinking man, but drunken women have no excuse. The woman created by nature for the birth of children, storage of the home. Rarely a husband will agree to tolerate drinking wife, hot wife suffer for decades with husbands-alcoholics and struggling to get the father of my children of alcoholic quagmire. But men are created very differently.
There are a lot of young, beautiful, sober women to whom they go. Is that single men can stop children and for their prosperity they may be, will fight for his family and save his wife.
Based on the above, the results of addiction become obvious. The children will take on public education or will give the father, the family is destroyed and a road to nowhere, that is, into the abyss.
So whether for the sake of a bottle of alcohol-containing beverage to put all downhill. Especially in the present time alcohol dependence successfully treated and managed to achieve sustained remission.
To get rid of the pernicious craving for alcohol need to apply to drug treatment clinic. The doctor-the psychiatrist will prescribe a comprehensive treatment that will help not only to defeat the craving for alcohol, but also to restore mental and physical health. And later will be assigned to supportive therapy that helps maintain a healthy and full life.
Unfortunately, quitting drinking without the help of professionals you can briefly. Any alcoholic with all my heart believe that the last bout was the last. But the alcoholic is disturbed biochemical functions of the brain and nervous system and psyche. After a long abstinence from alcoholic beverages inevitably there comes another breakdown. Drug experts say that this happens because heavily before the brain starts to work, like people drink at least a week. The bout could also be due to disorders, nervous tension, psychological dissatisfaction. So you should not rely on your own strength, you need to seek help from professionals.
After treatment, you should remember one thing that alcoholism, like diabetes, is a chronic irreversible disease, but with good compensation and other disease you can live happily ever after. To be a former alcoholic and is not ashamed. A famous actress and singer did not hide the fact that they are former alcoholics. It's a shame not to fight for his life, for his family and children.