You will need
  • Desire and a little cash (for the purchase of books, coding, appeal to the specialist, however, it may be that the money saved by giving up beer).
Admit there is a problem. Many people believe that drinking beer can not be considered alcoholism, because alcohol there is a little. But we should not forget that in this drink are toxic substances that destroy the brain and estrogen – female hormone hollow that greatly affects the health and appearance of men. Alcoholics usually never admit that they have problems, so you need to analyze their own state and behavior, making appropriate conclusions.
Read the relevant literature. Books about the dangers of alcohol, including beer, can be found both in stores and online. You can read the relevant topics in various forums.
Refer to a specialist. Psychiatrist will help to get rid of a beer based on the most optimal for a particular person way. You may be prescribed a course of treatment with special herbs that cause aversion to alcohol. On some they act with the first dose, others need the whole course, and the third will need more than one such course.
Change the lifestyle and leisure activity. Most people drink beer when they want to relax. But this is not the best way. You can find other ways to relax: read a book, go to the theatre, to jump with a parachute.
Use encoding. Often this method helps, but again, not all and not forever. To stop drinking alcohol, you should desire the patient. And if it is too big, get rid of dependence will succeed.